Curtains for $12 a drape


Our new home has a TON of windows which we absolutely love. This is one of the reasons we decided to purchase this home. Luckily, as we do not live in the suburbs, we are not very concerned with getting window treatments since no one will really see us, but we figured we have to have some privacy in some of our rooms. Don’t want trespassers seeing us in our orignal babysuit!

As usual, all the curtains I love cost about $40 a drape. Considering how many I would need, its going to cost a small fortune. After searching the web and trying to gather some ideas for cheaper alternatives, I decided to experiment on this.

I needed curtains 84″ in length. Ran to the store and purchased some canvas dropcloths. Our bedroom already had a curtain rod in place and I had curtain clips on hand too.


Since I have made a rookie mistake before by hanging curtains before washing them (don’t do that!), I washed the canvas drop cloth in warm water AND tumble dried them. My mantra is that if it can’t be tumble dried, I won’t buy it. I don’t have time for the ironing chore.

Anycase, I experimented with a few options. I personally prefer it if they hang on the floor but hubby disagreed. I may still play around a little with the length but this is where I am at right now. Since my home is somewhat farmhouse/african style with a dash of Boho and Spanish influence, these curtains are very versatile. They give a rustic look which works well in our farmhouse bedroom.


No sewing is invloved as the drop cloth already have seams in place and it is a lot straighter than I can ever sew.

Pretty cool for $24.

Follow my blog and up next you will see how the chalkboard kitchen wall came out.

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