Blackboard Kitchen Wall

I have seen this project done so many times online and had to muster up the guts to actually attempt it myself. Let us face it, an entire wall painted black? Of course, the only wall I could do it on was pretty large and not a little square. My husband was not very keen on the idea but I told him to just trust me.

So I set forth to clean the wall and started to paint. From what I researched, the process wasn’t just to slap on paint and there we go. After painting 2 coats, you have to let it set for a few days. At that point, you take the flat side of a chalk piece and rub it over the entire. I let that sit for a day too before erasing.


Erasing is important as that will enable the chalk to set and prevent “ghosting”. I couldn’t find an eraser in the shop so I just used an old rag.

I thought it turned out pretty good. One thing to note is that my wall is not smooth which makes writing and drawing a little trickier but still good.

The kids draw on it, I put the dinner menu on so the kids don’t keep asking “what’s for dinner”, the grocery list goes on there….many uses. I do like it and goes well with the farmhouse look.

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