A short tale of me…..I was born and raised on an Avocado farm in South Africa. My dad is South African but obtained his Doctorate degree at the University of California in Riverside. My sister was born at that time so she was naturally a US citizen. My parents moved back to South Africa when my sister was about 2. I was born 5 years later.

After my sister graduated from university in South Africa, she moved to the US. As her sibling, she filed for my greencard in 2001 and in 2011 we finally got the go-ahead to move to the US as Permanent Residents. At that time, i had a husband and 2 boys. My husband resigned from his job, we sold just about everything we owned and packed our 4 suitcases and moved to Wyoming. Here we started fresh, no jobs lined up or anything of the sorts.

We decided on Wyoming as my sister lives here and we lived with her and her husband for 3 months. In that time, my husband worked on a ranch, helped out a carpenter and finally got a regular job with a local company.

The whole transition was a bit of a culture shock to some degree. We quickly found out how the health system works or should I say, works for those who can afford it. Good golly, I was astound at how expensive basic health care is but that is another story……and we had another surprise…..our 3rd son was born in 2013.

Now we had been Wyoming for 6 years and we are off to Texas. We are trading a 1600 square foot house with a small garden for a 2600 square foot home on 2 acres. This property comes with chickens and goats. I have never owned chickens or goats so it is going to be quite the adventure, hence the blog.

Enjoy while I entertain you with my steep learning curve on raising livestock, figuring out how Texas works and me attempting not to kill the goats in 10 DAYS!