The home we moved into needed some formal landscaping. Of course we do not do it professionally and just struggle on ourselves. There is a reason I have 3 boys……

Since Spring in Texas is pretty neat, I was pressed for time to start the veggie garden from scratch. I also didnt realize how much work it would be. But over a weekend I gathered the crew and we tackled it head on (in 80+ F)

I doesnt look like much but we planted: cabbage, eggplant, cayenne pepper, zucchini, yellow pepper, garlic and onions. For the borders, we planted Rosemary and Lavendar as they deter pests too.

You probably see all the plastic and shingles and ask what I am doing right? I despise weeding and trust me, this yard has weeds, crabgrass and anything you don’t want in your yard. Basically, we found these shingles and instead of trashing them, we thought to use it as a weed barrier along with the plastic. We did this in Cheyenne and we did minimal weeding. I will cover the plastic with either regular cheap soil or rubber mulch. I just haven’t had the time yet. Stay away from regular mulch you buy in the bags for this purpose as they can attract snails. I learnt that lesson too.