Meet the crew:

Big boy’s name is Zulu. We decided to name our goats with something that coincides with our heritage (being African and all). What a lovable goat. He is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat just like the others. He will sniff you, rub on you, nibble your pants and even allow me to kiss him on the face. I have been told that he is about 4 years old.

Then we have his sister, Sabie, named after a small town close to where I grew up. She is a little shy and not as cuddly as her brother but we can still pet and take care of her.

Mother Hen, aka Ousie (pronounced O.C) is their mommy. Apparently she is about 9 years old. However, no one can touch her. The most she will allow is to eat out of your hand but that is it! I dread the day she gets sick and I have to get a hold of her.

So this is the little pack we have. We may venture into getting Sabie pregnant so we can get some milk but we will cross that bridge maybe in the fall…..